Corporate Governance

Merging 23 companies under the umbrella of our four Arms was no easy feat. It took strategic coordination, planning and analyses: As each firm had its own unique operations, ethics and vision, only by uniting them under TAQA Arabia could we offer our diversfied energy solutions throughout the region. This also resulted in the union of a vast store of market experience, which has allowed us to enter new markets with confidence.

Our vision

Our vision goes far beyond the creation of a conglomerate with regional expertise. We understand that by adhering to our corporate governance allows our managers and employees to flourish, and thereby deliver on our long-term success strategies.

Just as we endeavour to give remote communities access to affordable energy, we want to give our ‘human capital’ the right resources and opportunities, so they too can enjoy economic freedom and prosperity.

Our Arms provide innovative solutions that address major issues affecting the world: The rising demand for energy and improving the lives of impoverished citizens. Therefore, we are committed to supporting initiatives that tackle social issues and stimulate business growth through our work.

TAQA Arabia

A Smart Governance for a Better Living.


By empowering communities where we work with energy, knowledge and lessons in safety, we ensure TAQA Arabia’s prosperity and client loyalty.

We know that success for our clients, who range from individual consumers to industrial clients and government bodies, means that we prosper too. Communities with the freedom to choose their own destiny share a wider array of opportunities with their residents and local enterprises, enabling them a better education, work and life.

“Our aim is to build long-lasting partnerships that benefit each party.”

Our Strategic

Our strategic approach to community empowerment is a fundamental component of our long-term growth plans. We want to build deep, strategic relationships with our clients, always working to meet their needs and thereby creating ‘customers for life’.

Establishing this kind of trust is done by providing quality energy solutions that are both affordable and innovative; our aim is to build long-lasting partnerships that benefit each party. Companies that understand how to do these well, give customers an added-value experience.

We have an unwavering commitment to internationally recognized standards in ethics, legal compliance and integrity, starting at the top with our board of directors and corporate governance policies.

At TAQA Arabia, how we integrate corporate governance represents our vision of a better future. In particular, we believe women’s participation in the economy is of vital importance. Economies around the world cannot possibly reach their growth potential – economically, politically and culturally – until women are fairly represented in the work place.

Changing Lives

We believe how we govern our company is a reflection of our will to better the world. In our line of business – energy production and distribution – the interests of our shareholders and stakeholders should align.

“Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

We ensure this happens by making significant investments in technology, innovation and human capital, all of which create jobs, expand economic activity and, most importantly, empower the communities where we do business.

We are proud to be the energy provider for some of the biggest industries, real estate projects and tourism initiatives in Egypt. With over 3,400 employees, who remain dedicated to this vision, TAQA Arabia’s goal is to build a sustainable future, one day at a time. Through this, we become an agent of change and inspire others to follow in our footsteps.

Giving Back

TAQA Arabia believes in fostering relationships as we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through meaningful change.

In line with our corporate vision, social responsibility plays an important role in the empowerment of communities where we operate. Promoting economic opportunities, access to education and free healthcare allow societies to thrive.

Community Development

Building on our CSR heritage, we have established a unique approach to supporting communities by focusing on issues at the heart of our business.

In doing so, we are able to lend support and expertise to improve their livelihood. A dedicated team of employees form the backbone of our CSR initiatives that touch lives through education and healthcare.

Collaborating with healthcare institutions is not only about funding medical equipment. Our goal is to ensure as many people as possible have access to much needed professional care. To achieve this, we work together with local governments and health organizations to improve access to healthcare.

We have also been active in the public health sector where we recently invested in building and equipping a clinic in Suez, which provides a full range of ophthalmology services.

“we work together with local governments and health organizations to improve access to healthcare.”

Human Development

But that’s not all. In many countries, finding healthcare professionals trained in the operation and maintenance of medical equipment is an increasing challenge.

TAQA Arabia is cooperating with local authorities and NGOS to develop a number of community projects that provide basic training infrastructure needs as well as education and development opportunities. In addition, we have become a strategic partner in professional and technical healthcare education.

Similarly, lessons learned by children early in life have a profound impact on habits they carry into adulthood. TAQA Arabia supports several organizations that are working towards the sustainable development of underprivileged communities by implementing health and safety

programmes. These are made possible by regular donations, contributions and volunteer efforts.

Sharing locally relevant content through fun and engaging lessons, the NGOs show children, employees and residents how to live better and healthier lives together.

“TAQA Arabia supports several organizations that are working towards the sustainable development of underprivileged communities by implementing health and safety programmes.”