TAQA Marketing
TAQA Oil Marketing, the Fourth corner stone of TAQA Arabia Group, is the first privately owned Egyptian company licensed to market petroleum products including fuels and lubricants through a retail petrol stations network under the “TAQA” brand name emerging as a regional champion in the energy distribution sector. TAQA Oil Marketing recently acquired an Esso fuel storage terminal in Suez in order to ensure a constant supply of fuel to its customers.

TAQA Oil Marketing maintains its dedication to provide high quality products, services and flawless operations since its inception. Based on its expertise in market analysis and more efficient response to market fluctuations, TAQA Oil Marketing strives to become one of the top five oil marketing companies in terms of market share within the next 10 years through satisfying its customers requirements, delivering superior returns to shareholders and building up strong brand equity.

Castrol Oil
TAQA Oil Marketing will capitalize on its exclusive deal with Castrol, the world’s largest specialist in lubricants production and marketing, as their sole distributor in Egypt to serve diverse and rapidly growing automotive, industrial and marine sectors.

Castrol has developed global alliances with some of the leading manufacturers worldwide such that their vehicles are filled with Castrol lubricants right off the production line. In the automotive manufacturing industry these include: BMW, MINI, VW/Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Skoda, Seat and many more for first fill and unique aftermarket lubricants. While on the commercial vehicles side, Castrol secured global alliances with MAN, Scania and MB.

Local blending for selective Castrol products commenced in Q4 2009 to complete the product range being offered to the market through TAQA stations as well as Castrol branded lube shops throughout Egypt. There are currently 22 Castrol shops operating and a further 35 are expected to be added by 2013.

"Castrol is the world’s largest specialist in the production and marketing of more than 5000 lubricants for 110 years in over 200 countries. From its earliest days, it has built the business to provide High Performance Premium Quality and Technology Led products and services."
Castrol Global

Products & Services
1.  Our team of professional staff offers comprehensive quality services in 27 state-of-the-art service stations located in several Egyptian governorates. The company strategy is to focus on locations outside the major urban centers where the need for quality service stations is most pronounced outside Cairo and Alexandria governorates. The company plans to reach a total of 45 service stations by end 2014.

2.  TAQA Oil Marketing offers 95, 92 and 90 gasoline, as well as gas oil and Castrol lubricants.

3.  TAQA Oil marketing launched Castrol lube shops that offer a wide range of Castrol products including passenger car oils such as Edge, Magnatec and GTX, and diesel engine oils such as CRB, Diesel Oil and RX Turbo.

4.  TAQA Oil marketing service stations are branded under TAQA Arabia Group and are equipped with lubricant centers, related utilities, spacious parking and shops.

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