TAQA Arabia is the largest private sector energy distribution company in Egypt with over 22 years of experience with a diversified sources of energy, investing and operating Energy infrastructure including gas transmission and distribution, power generation & distribution and marketing of petroleum products.

TAQA Arabia best serves its clients with energy distribution that incorporate fuels, electricity, natural gas, and in the near future solar, wind energy & biotechnology fuels. In addition to pioneering our advanced multi-utility service that provides full turnkey solutions for mega real estate projects.

With currently 16 subsidiaries throughout Egypt the region, we have gained local expertise and know-how to get things done. Business is “not as usual” in such a diverse region, where cultural norms often dictate the way business develops and its growth potential.

Through partnerships with pivotal players in the private and public sectors, TAQA Arabia knows whom to approach, when to invest heavily and what projects should be added to our already successful portfolio.

This knowledge has allowed us to position our Arms strategically across the full downstream energy value chain in each of our markets. As a result, TAQA Arabia has become the largest private sector energy distribution company in Egypt, a major developer of natural gas grids in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, TAQA Arabia is associate member of the International Gas Union. Founded in 1931, the IGU serves to promote the gas industry and represents more than 95% of the global gas market. This geostrategic membership allows us to share expertise and best practices with thousands of gas professionals from around the world.

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